Funding and Organization


Can individuals provide contributions to support the Aaron Bonner Foundation?

Yes! The Aaron Bonner Foundation (a public 501(c) 3 charity) welcomes the financial support and participation of all those interested in helping us to make a difference with college students affected by cancer. Donations help support an endowment for future scholarships, in addition to aiding Scholars’ individual community service projects, academic expenses and travels abroad. For more information, please email us info@aaronbonnerfoundation.com.

How much financial assistance do Scholar recipients receive?

The Aaron Bonner Foundation awards up to 30 renewable scholarships annually, amounts varies based upon need and fund availability.

Does the Aaron Bonner Foundation provide financial assistance to undergraduate education only?

Yes, financial assistance is provided only for undergraduate education. However, our Foundation strongly supports creating life-long bonds with and between the Scholars and the Program staff. Scholars do continue to receive mentorship and guidance toward personal and professional goals far beyond their undergraduate careers.

Why is the Program limited to 30 scholarships annually?

Individual attention and connectivity are unique aspects of the AB Scholar Program. Capping each class size to no more than 6 Scholars helps facilitate lifelong relationships between the Scholars and allows for more one-on-one mentoring and attention from the Program staff.


Selection and Requirements


How are AB Scholars selected?

The Aaron Bonner Foundation uses a competitive selection process, each year, more than 400 applications are received and are narrowed down to approximately 20 finalists based on academic achievement, financial need, leadership ability and a demonstrated commitment to service. The AB Scholar Program Selection Committee, comprised of staff and volunteers, reviews each application. After numerous rounds of screenings, finalists are invited for a final round of in-depth interviews.

What are the criteria used in selecting Aaron Bonner Scholars?

Above all, applicants must exemplify a strong academic record, a keen desire to continue learning and a commitment to civic service. The Selection Committee also looks for examples of exceptional leadership potential and a desire to be agents of social change. All AB Scholars must also demonstrate financial need.

Are all AB Scholars required to complete four years of college?

The AB Scholar Program has a 100 percent graduation rate. Some Scholars may qualify for enough credits to graduate in less than four years while others may choose to study longer to explore travel or community service opportunities. All AB Scholars receive a college diploma.

Can a student still receive an Aaron Bonner Foundation Scholarship even if he or she is also receiving financial aid from their college or university?

Yes. If an AB Scholar also qualifies for financial aid at their college or university, he or she may defer use of their scholarship funds to a number of other educational related expenses not covered by their financial aid, including housing, meals, study abroad programs, books and supplies.

Does the Aaron Bonner Scholar Program provide Scholars with internships?

The AB Scholar Program helps Scholars form valuable relationships with various corporate, public and non-profit friends of the Program that may lead to future internships or employment opportunities, but all Scholars are responsible for securing their own internship opportunities. Supporters of the Program represent some of the most well-respected and influential corporations in America.


Distinguishing Factors


Why does the AB Scholar Program place an emphasis on service?

AB Scholars ascribe to the philosophy that to whom much is given, much is expected. In this sense, Scholars work to continue the legacy of service established by the late Aaron Christian Bonner. Using a direct, hands-on approach and through the guidance and support of the AB Scholar Program, Scholars seek to improve the lives of every individual they touch and provide others with the same kind of opportunity to succeed they have been afforded.

What do Aaron Bonner Scholars do after graduating from college?

AB Scholars are a diverse pool of highly-motivated graduates with a myriad of professional interests. Currently, 24 percent of Scholars have pursued careers in the humanities, 18 percent in business, 10 percent in medicine and 10 percent in law.

Are there other benefits of becoming a Aaron Bonner Scholar beyond the financial assistance for college?

AB Scholars are afforded many opportunities that extend far beyond the scholarship itself. Scholars become part of a large alumni network that provides mentoring and internship opportunities. Most importantly, the AB Scholar Program offers a sense of pride and belonging to a large family of like-minded, dedicated individuals committed to using leadership skills and community service to improve the human condition.


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